For Moms*

Breakfast Meet Up
A mama from the group picks a different breakfast joint to meet at. We make these kid friendly spots where you don’t have to worry about keeping your kid too quiet and get to enjoy a nice, filling first meal of the day and hot cup of coffee with the company of other mamas.

Stroll N Roll
Grab your stroller and roll through different parks and paths throughout town. We pick a different location each month to check out and walk or stroll with our kiddos and other mamas. Even with the cooler weather, we bundle up and get the heart rate going!

Mom Craft
Pinterest is our best friend with this one! A fun craft is provided by a different mama each month. These crafts are geared for our mamas while the kids play safely at the hosted members house. Some of our favorites are nail polish coasters, chalk paint ornaments and essential oil blends.

Fitness Inspiration
One of our mamas inspires each and every one of us to get fit. We meet monthly to work on different areas of our body and encourage each other between meetings to stay fit. It’s so easy to lose yourself and with our Fitness Inspiration group, it’s easier to stay motivated when you’re doing it with your fellow mamas.

Book Club
We pick a book to read together as a group. While reading the book, we will pick days to meet and discuss together. This has helped our mamas who love to read but need the motivation to make time for it.

Monthly MOMS Night Out
Every mama needs a night off, away from the dishes, laundry and the endless amount of love her children give her. We organize fun events out on the town or at another members kid-free home. Some of our favorite events include: Happy Hour at a local eatery, Spa Night, Blowout Bar, Progressive Dinner, Paint Night, Game Night and Bowling. This is the ONLY event we host that we ask children are left with dad or a sitter so that all the mamas get a well-deserved break.

For Kids

Tummy Time (0-12 months)
Have a baby at home? Tummy Time is just what you need! This playgroup is geared towards the littlest babies and is free of smaller toys that may provide a choking hazard or older children that may not play as nicely as you’d want for your baby. 

Toddler Time (12-24 months)
Is your kiddo starting to take those first steps? Are they learning how to explore the big world around them? Our Toddler Time is for kiddos that are starting to get out and about on their own. Much like Tummy Time, you’ll find the space to be free of any choking hazards or older children.

Preschool Playgroup
Each month a member organizes fun activities geared towards the preschool aged children. This may include a sensory bin, Lego play, Play-Doh or a game of color sorting. Regardless of what the theme is, your child is guaranteed to have fun AND learn something new!

Story Time
Who doesn’t love a good book? The children gather quietly and listen to our mamas read their children’s favorite books. It’s a great way to expose yourself and your kiddos to different books you may have never thought to read.

Kid Krafts
Pinterest is our best friend with this one too! A different mama hosts a fun kid friendly craft each month. We love crafts that involve keepsakes of the kiddos fingerprints and toesies.

Weekly Park Play
Each month you’ll find us at a different park throughout Visalia, Tulare and the surrounding areas. While the kids let out some energy, we get to enjoy one another’s company and swap stories about life. It’s not uncommon to have snacks or lunch together at the park. Our favorite part about this event – the naps after are usually the best!

Moms + Kids

Monthly Potlucks
Who doesn’t love food? Here at MOMS Club of Visalia, we all LOVE our monthly potlucks! We often plan these around holidays but who really needs an excuse to eat yummy food? This is one of our most popular and well attended events each month.

Holiday Celebrations
Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…you get the point. We love any excuse to get together and celebrate. Most of these events include fun activities geared towards the kids and mamas alike. 

Meal Prep
Each month we gather together and prep meals for the family. This has included take home meals for the week, prepped freezer meals for future dinners and fun, easy to make snacks for the kiddos to help with. Let’s be real, any help us mamas can get to provide a hot meal at dinnertime is definitely wanted.

Already having FOMO? 😉

*With the exception of MOMS Night out, children are welcome at every event, some are just geared more towards mamas. All events are subject to availability.