What is MOMS Club?

MOMS Club is a group dedicated to supporting at-home moms.  We meet during daylight hours during the week, when at-home moms need the support the most. MOMS in MOMS Club stands for Moms Offering Moms Support which is why you’ll always see it capitalized. 

Are the events geared for moms or for kids?

First things first:  MOMS Club is for moms.  That said, moms hang out with their kids all the time, so it would be silly not to account for them at our activities.  We do many activities that kids enjoy, such as going to local parks, bounce house, mall play time, playgroups, crafts, etc. 

Can my kids come to all the events, even MOM focused events or business meetings?

Yes, children are welcome at ALL events.  We expect children to be there and provide entertainment for them even if we’re doing a mom activity.  The only exception is our monthly MOMS Night Out; children do not normally attend these events, though nursing mothers sometimes bring their babies to this event.  Don’t worry:  we don’t ever expect children to sit quietly while we have a meeting!  Remember, we are MOMS, too! Since our membership includes moms of varied ages of children, the activities on our calendar are as diverse as our membership. 

Do you only meet during the day?

Primarily, yes.  We do have one monthly MOMS Night Out.  Otherwise, our activities are during the day, when at-home moms need the support the most. 

Do I have to attend a minimum number of activities every month?

No. You can participate in as many or as few activities as you like. Of course, we want to see as many members as possible at all of our activities, but we understand that life happens! We do encourage active participation to develop meaningful relationships among our moms and our kids.

Do your activities cost money?

The majority of our monthly activities are free. Occasionally we will have an activity on the calendar that costs money, but we understand the financial sacrifice that being an at-home mom can mean for your family, so we try to keep activities that cost money to a minimum.

Why are there membership dues?

A minimum of 85% of the membership dues we collect go toward our fundraising efforts and service projects for local charities as well as operating costs.  No more than 15% is used to support the group’s parties and services for members. Because we are a non-profit charity, membership dues are tax deductible.

How much are membership dues?

Dues vary from time to time but generally average about $25.

How often do I have to pay?

Yearly. Membership is offered on an annual basis.  Our Treasurer will reach out to you via email and on our Facebook page to collect dues from you. 

Apart from membership dues, are there any other financial obligations?

No. There are no other financial obligations associated with MOMS Club membership. 

What areas are included in this chapter?

We cover all of Tulare County, Reedley, Hanford, and Lemoore.

Who leads your club?

We are led by a Board of five volunteer members who are elected by the club. The Board includes the President, Administrative Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Vice President, and Secretary.

Now that I’ve joined…

How do I host an event?

Pick your location; either your home, park, or family friendly location and pick your time. You are not required to set out snacks but it’s not uncommon to have some goldfish or something from your pantry out for the kids.  If you need to set a maximum number you’d like to have in your home due to limited space or seating, just add that note.  Play groups with limits are first come and if you cannot attend, be sure to change your RSVP.

Picked your location and time? Attend a Plan-N-Play to get it on the calendar. Not able to attend a Plan-N-Play? Contact a board member and they’ll assist you. 

Can my spouse/partner and/or other adult family members participate in the events as well?

No, the membership pertains to you (the mother) and your children. We ask that spouses/partners only attend when a family event is organized. 

I have a toddler and an infant, am I allowed to come to the toddler play group with both children?

It’s at the discretion of the host and such information is usually found in the event details on Facebook.

Do I have to rsvp for every activity?

Yes. We ask that you RSVP if you plan to attend an event, so the event coordinator knows to expect you and keeps an eye out for you.  Changing your RSVP is very easy since Facebook can be accessed with your mobile device.

I have a personal or multi-level marketing business, can I advertise to the members?

No. We ask that you don’t use your membership as a platform to meet new potential clients. 

What do MNO, MNO, JUMP & HOOT & HOWL stand for?

MNO- MOMS Night Out- These are held once a month and vary from restaurants, movies, paint night, etc. … we try to change things up monthly.   

MNI – MOMS Night In- For the occasion where a member would like to host a night in at her home. Bunco, games, wine and cheese, fondue…

JUMP- Just Us MOMS Please- These are typically held during daytime hours while the kids are in school.  We typically meet for coffee, brunch or lunch, mani/ pedis… Non walking infants are welcome to these outings. 

HOOT & HOWL – Husbands Out Of Town/Husbands Out Working Late. These are typically held in the evenings for moms who have husbands often gone and need company at night. This is hosted once a month. 

What is the Service Project & Membership Committee?

SERVICE PROJECT COMMITTEE – led by the Administrative Vice President who helps to organize any service project the club as a whole has agreed to participate in. Responsibilities may include meeting as a committee to organize the project, communicating with other members and promoting the service project.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – led by the Membership Vice President helps to organize any membership drive we have (Open Houses, Information Boots at events, etc.) by providing your time and knowledge. This may include meeting prior to an event to brainstorm, communicating with other members about items needed and showing up early to help set-up. 

If you are interested in joining the committee, send an Email or message to the committee leader. 

I have a friend who wants to join, how do I go about letting someone know?

We love when the club grows so we can share all the support MOMS Club has to offer! If you have a friend interested, bring them out to our monthly Plan-N-Play meetings. If the meetings don’t work, please contact a board member (preferably the Membership Vice President) to arrange for an event in which ready to join moms could attend. Out of respect for our members homes, we ask any event in which a ready to join mom attends be held in a public setting. 

Still have a question about MOMS Club?